About me

About me

I qualified 15 years ago in Sussex teaching in a small infant school.

I then went travelling and helped set up the Early Years unit in a school in India, training the teachers how to teach early phonic skills.

From there I went back to Sussex and then moved onto Essex teaching in a lovely village school after getting married.

I popped to Catterick for a year, back to my school and now am in Sandhurst.

During this time i have delivered many training days and staff meetings for Primary schools and Early Years settings around the area.

I decided to set up Phonic Tots after supporting a school with early literacy interventions similar to those we used in my reception classes to support children in their readiness for the expectations of achieving the Early Learning Goal in Literacy and Physical Development at the end of reception.

We continuously found children were not achieving these goals simply due to lack of security in early phonic skills (tuning children’s ears into sounds) and strong fine motor control.

These are the core focus, alongside having lots of fun & helping grownups learn how to support their children during my Phonic Tots classes. I am super passionate about what I do and love every minute.